Crowdfunding Annual Reports
Staying compliant with the SEC is more important than ever
What is Form C-AR?
Form C-AR is the annual report you are required to file with the SEC after selling securities in a regulation crowdfunding campaign. Filing timely and accurate regulatory filings is an important responsibility.
When is the deadline to file Form C-AR?
Form C-AR must be filed no later than 120 days after the end of the fiscal year. For those with a fiscal year ending 12/31, the C-AR is due by April 30th (29th in a leap year).
What is required to complete Form C-AR?
Information similar to the disclosures provided in the Form C is required except you do not need to discuss the securities being sold. Our team will populate eligible portions of disclosures and you will be responsible to input material changes and updates to the company. Our service makes the process much easier.

Updated US GAAP financials are required to be filed with Form C-AR. They do not need to be audited or reviewed by a CPA, but must be certified to be true and complete in all material respects by the principal executive officer. US GAAP financials include the income statement, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement, and statements of shareholder’s equity.

Why use our services?
We have a team of experience paralegals that can help guide you through the C-AR process. While they do not provide legal advice, they have prepared hundreds of C-ARs and help populate your Form C information into the form and make sure you have everything you need to file.
What additional services do you offer for Form C-AR?
We offer attorney reviews which are highly recommended and CPA referral for financial statement preparation.
What happens if you don’t file a Form C-AR?
Filing a C-AR is a regulatory requirement. A failure to file a timely Form C-AR could prevent you from:
  1. Crowdfunding again
  2. Using other registration exemptions (like Reg D)
  3. keeping your promises to your investors
Form C-AR
Form C-AR is a required annual report filed with the SEC due by 4/30
if your fiscal year ends 12/31. US GAAP financials required.
Form C-TR
If you qualify to terminate your reporting obligation this year, a Termination of Reporting (Form C-TR) must be filed within 5 days of an Annual Report (Form C-AR).
Attorney Review
An attorney review of the C-AR is highly recommended to ensure an accurate filing.
SPV Attorney Review
The SPV attorney is required if you filed a Form C with an SPV.
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