All In One Form C
Everything you need to file a Form C with the SEC
What is Form C?
Form C is a lengthly disclosure document that is required to be filed with the SEC before a crowdfunding campaign can go live. It is a regulatory requirement and ensuring compliance with the SEC Form C rules is extremely important as it is a legally binding document.
How do I fill out and file a Form C?
Founders can use an attorney to complete the Form C, but it ends up being an expensive endeavor. To save costs, we created a software that assists in creating a draft of the Form C that can be reviewed by an attorney which saves money and time. Our team of experienced paralegals will assist the founder in gathering documents and filling information into the software to create the draft.
What is the Concierge Service?
Our Concierge Service is here to take the stress out of the Form C process. We work side by side with issuers to help load company information into the Form C. Having a paralegal who has been through hundreds of Form Cs be able to hold your hand and guide you makes the process much better!
What is the Form ID?
In addition to the Form C, there are a few other items that must be handled in the Form C process. One of those is the Form ID. This is a simple form that collects basic data about the company. Our online notary service allows founders to notarize the document virtually and file the same day. Once filed, the Form ID generates a CIK number which is a unique identifying number that registers your company with the SEC so you can make future filings.
What is a Bad Actor Check?
The SEC requires companies raising money through equity crowdfunding to follow Bad Actor Disqualification and Disclosure Requirements. Bad Actor Checks (BACs) are the reports required to confirm that your company is qualified to raise money under the regulation.
What is an Attorney Review?
Our network of securities attorneys are highly experienced in the Regulation Crowdfunding industry. Since the Form C is a legally binding regulatory document, it is critical to ensure the information you provide in the Form C is accurate and in compliance. This service builds in a layer of comfort to the process.
What financial statements do I need to prepare?

Depending on the amount you are raising in your campaign there are different financial requirements. If you raise up to $124,000 financials are self-certified. If you raise from $124,000 to $1,235,000 (1st offering) or $618,000 (subsequent offering) you will need a financial review from an independent CPA and if you raise beyond that amount up to $5,000,000 you will need a financial audit from an independent CPA.

Form ID
Registers your company with the SEC and provides credentials so you can file your Form C
Form C
Required to be filed in order to launch your Reg CF campaign
Concierge Service
A paralegal personally assigned to help you prepare and file your Form C
Attorney Review
An experienced securities attorney will review and finalize your Form C so you can file with confidence

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